Birthday Celebration at Senjyu Sushi

Okay, this post was supposed to be way, WAY back in November >.<" Still, I don't want to waste the photos and so, here it is..heh!

It was a birthday celebration for my Mom...she's big on healthy food, and so the best option would be Japanese food =) Mom loves sashimi, and since I had some great discount coupons for Senjyu (and we haven't been there before), we went ahead with it.

Located at e@Curve in Mutiara Damansara, Senjyu Sushi was quite a small-ish restaurant situated just beside the ever popular McDonald's. Walking in, we noticed there were not many staff around and thought 'Oh's going to be a long wait!' but we were shown to the biggest and best table (in my opinion) in the restaurant shortly after...heh! 

The interior decor of the place...loved the purple lanterns! 

And there were rows upon rows of green bottles on display in the shelves above, so it was way cool!

Simple set up of the table

Looking at the menu, the prices were exorbitant! Thank goodness we had the coupons (and since it was our Mom's birthday anyways), so my sisters and I took quite a few liberties in ordering...hehehe! We thought since there were not enough staff going around and quite a number of customers were around, we would have to wait VERY long (since we placed quite a big order!), but it wasn't so! Food was served relatively fast, which was awesome!

My cold green tea..not bad! Not too watery or too thick :)

First order (by Mom): Avocado salad with shrimp roe and crab meat. It was lovely! Cool, crisp vegetables topped with slivers of avocado! And it was tossed with a vinaigrette that was super yummy! Mom can't quite place what it was in the vinaigrette (and she's a good cook!) but needless to say, it got polished off quite fast!

Soft shelled crab tempura...quite nice, especially after lemon juice was squeezed over it!


Can't really remember which sushi this was, but it was quite forgettable...nothing much to shout about. Still, it got finished off. LOL!

Wagyu beef! One of our favourites....thin slices of beef served along with a small cooking 'stove' in which we do a light BBQ with it. Dipped in their soy sauce, it was SCRUMPTIOUS! :D

The stove that came with the beef...with a piece of lard for 'oil'!

Caviar and roe sushi....need I say more? ;)

Another version of the caviar sushi...

Octopus of Mom's favorites! She likes the baby octopuses for some reason..haha!

The little tub of wasabi...too cute to pass up for a photo!

Can't remember what is the name of the drink, but it was a nice fizzy soda with some cordial and bits of fruit in it...Rachel loved this!

Can't remember the Japanese name for this, but it's something like jellyfish or something to the extent. Not as nice as we expected :( 

A GINORMOUS scallop for my came with it's own little 'stove' and was boiling when it arrived. Heh! Very pricey, but Mom felt that it wasn't that nice. *gasp* Oh well...

The sashimi!! Some of it were nice, but we all felt that they were sliced too thick...if they were sliced thinner, it wouldn't have been hard to swallow. LOL!

Their signature dish, the Dragon Maki! Yummy sushi of mango,soft-shelled crab and some prawns wrapped in VERY thin slivers of's delicious! Only thing is that to enjoy it in its entirety, you'd need to eat it all in one bite, and the sushi size sure is not small...*sigh* But I think I'd rather look ugly and enjoy the food than try to look dainty eating it...hahaha!

Mango sushi...another favourite! Who would have thought that mango goes very well with sushi, right?!

Noodles in a citrus-y sauce...also very yummy! :D

Then it was time for dessert...Viv ordered this, but it tasted rather weird! If I remember correctly, it's something like grape jelly wrapped around some liquor. NOT a good combination. Ugh.

Mochi (black sesame) was surprisingly good, considering all we know of black sesame was in savoury food :D 

Coconut ice-cream in a coconut shell...haha! But still, very sweet and creamy :) 

And my favourite one of all...lavender ice-cream! Love the purple color, and it was quite creamy and not overwhelming with the lavender taste. Lovely!

When we got home, we got cake too...:D This was a trans-fat free orange chiffon with meringue frosting. What a great end to a nice day! Hope you enjoyed your birthday, Mom!
2 Responses
  1. Oh my!

    Most everything looks incredibly tasty!

    I so love sushi - and was lucky enough to get out for some last month when my brother was home from China (he treated for his son's 17th birthday)!

    I do need to get back and treat MYSELF!

    Happy 2010!

    Khyra's Mom

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Gu Ma~~