Michael Jackson's This Is It...

I just watched this movie yesterday, so this is more recent...hehe! I think one word can describe the feeling after you've watched this movie: Wow. Seriously!

This movie is actually a very well-edited, condensed and intimate look at the preparations of the 'This Is It' tour that was supposed to be in July / August in the UK. Originally (as the movie says), the footage was meant to be only for MJ's private viewing, but since his demise Kenny Ortega (the editor of this movie as well as the director for the tour) combined some of the best moments during the rehearsals for fans to see what went behind the tour that was supposed to have been...

And what a tour it might have been! Footage from the dancers' audition (OMG...it's super cool, but I'm quite surprised why the ladies had to wear bikinis to audition *rolls eyes*), to rehearsals of songs, lighting, stage effects, filming of the backdrop footage (can you imagine that they actually film footage SPECIFICALLY for the songs??! And they made it almost like a full scale movie thing...whoa!), and what was envisioned for the shows...the tireless work that went into it was astounding! The movie showed some scenes of what was filmed for the backdrop against the rehearsals and wow. Just wow. You have to watch it to believe it....it's really going to be mind-blowing if the concerts did go as planned. What a 'waste' (kind of) of all the incredible stuff that was planned.

MJ was also cool...I can't say that I'm a huge fan of his, but I do like a lot of his songs! For the movie, most of the songs were well-known songs like Beat It, Billie Jean, Thriller, Man In The Mirror, etc. and it was very VERY cool watching him do his thing on stage...even for just rehearsals. Like everyone said, he was very energetic during rehearsals...and even though he wasn't fully singing (apparently to keep his voice for the tour), he doesn't look at all his age when he's on stage. He definitely still has it! People keep referring to him as a genius, and we get a glimpse of that during his rehearsals...he knows exactly what he wants, and is even able to pin point which chords should or should not go in any of his songs. The incredible thing is, he doesn't do it with a 'diva' attitude for a man of his fame and status!

We witnessed also his willingness to let the people he worked with have their moments too, from the lead guitarist (who's super amazing, and a GIRL at that!!) to the back up singer who sang "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" with him. There were also a lot of quirky moments like MJ's funny hand gestures at times, and his selection of clothes for rehearsal...LOL! We'd also watched him showing his fun sides too...one can't help the feeling that he's still quite a child at heart: innocent and loving.

Although it's just rehearsals, it is almost like watching a full show....I keep thinking how lucky the crew and technicians who were there during rehearsals! To be able to witness all this day in and day out, watch how everything gets perfected every way or another...that's superb. Makes me want to go work backstage (which I think I will definitely jump at the chance if I got one! hehe!). I wanted to clap and applaud but nobody clapped when one song was done...*sigh* People in America applauded like they were at his concert in the cinemas, man! It's a good thing that people applauded at the end though, because it was a really poignant and sad moment (LOVED Man In The Mirror)...what would have been such a splendid thing did not come to be. I almost had tears when it ended...really touching and sad that MJ is gone, even though I am not a big fan.

I'm quite surprised though that the cinema was not a full house when we watched it (I went with my sister and some friends). Back when MJ just passed, his CDs and memorabilia went off the shelves like crazy...you'd think the same thing might happen after the movie was released, but no. Weird. Hey, even I as a non-fan (sort of) went to watch this...what more for the self-professed huge fans? I think everyone should go watch it to see not only MJ, but what goes behind a production (especially of this scale) - the work, sweat, tears, creativity - and to see MJ really at his element instead of the 'weird dude' that we always perceive him to be in the public eye. What a tragic loss he was to the music industry, and I think this movie was a beautiful tribute to him, his music and the change he tries to bring to the world. RIP MJ.
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  1. Mom would LOVE to see this movie but she won't be going with dad - he was never a big MJ fan!

  2. So, our Mom just read your blog -- after checking with Notttie Scotie that it was OK -- and we decided that you write very well and that you love music and musicals and movies and perhaps you should explore something in this field which you obviously have a passion for!! We're totally ignorant about how things work where you live -- but take a shot -- even if only as a volunteer in your spare time until things gel.

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  3. OK we are here cuz we told Scottie that we were coming....We like the way MJ dances and ARchie was trying a LONG time to get the moon walk down but just couldn't do it......If we come back here again don't tell Scottie we came ok? Love A+A

  4. Hey Audrey...

    So glad to hear that your arm is healing well.....oh yeah, Nottie Scottie said it was OK to stop by even though you have neglected his blog terribly...

    Don't you thnk it is SO SAD when talented people are just unable to deal with the celebrity that comes along with being famous and end up destroying themselves and at times others who love them?

    It has happened to so many STARS....that you have to wonder if they are just not interested in trying to find help for themselves. I was not a fan of Michael Jackson as he did seem to go out of his way to be super weird.....that is why many people just didn't like him.....but it is sad that his talent has been silenced forever....everyone will be talking for years about what he could have been and what more he could have accomplished....but for the DRUGS.....he might still be singing and dancing to screaming and adoring fans across the globe.....

    Stay away from DRUGS....they are a KILLER....

    Dewey Dewster's Gram