Horton Hears A Who....woohoo!!

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First review today...yayy! LOL!

First off, I do not have a profession as a reviewer (how I wish I did though!), and neither do I write like them, going all philosophical and the whole nine yards. I write based on what I feel, and if I like it or not. So, basically, it's just my opinion. If you don't like it, go watch it yourself and judge..

Ok, back to the review. Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who is a darn funny movie, if I dare say so. Granted, it's supposedly made for the kids (what with the animation and all), but there are quite a few lines that - I think - only adults will get. So, it does kind of cater to both kids and adults.

For those who are still living in a coconut / nut shell, Horton Hears A Who is about an elephant named Horton who hears an entire colony (or should I say, country) of people living in a - wait for it - speck(!!!!) on a clover (Now, don't ask me how the heck an animal with the proportion of that have ears sensitive enough to do that. Beats me...but hey, it's just a story,ok? Don't read so much into it!). Being the kind-hearted, ever-so-nice, and ever-remembering animal is Horton, he sets out on a journey to find a safe place for this little country of a speck, and of course, meeting with some unexpected and hillarious obstacles along the way.

Jim Carrey voices the character of Horton, and Steve Carell does the voice of the Mayor of Who-Ville (that's the name of the country...and guess what? The citizens are called The Whos...go figure). Both did excellent jobs in carrying out their characters; Jim Carrey so much in his element that sometimes it kind of reminds me of The Mask. I can't say that I've watched many of Steve Carell's movies, but he also did a great job with The Mayor, making him such a lovable, yet wildly ridiculous kind of Mayor. There are also more characters that I LURRRRVE, such as Katie (watch it,and you'll know what I mean), Morton, and even the vulture Vlad...all bring such colour and variety into the movie.

Trying to cut it short, but it's hard when a movie is good. It has been a while since nice animated movies come out, so I HIGHLY recommend it for people who just want to enjoy a feel-good movie with their family, or just wanting to have a good laugh. Go see it! LOL!

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  1. patrick Says:

    Dr. Seuss is classic; after seeing Horton Hears a Who i was reminded how much that guy can pack into a simple storyline... they didn't add much to the original story either except for the usual Jim Carreyisms.