The Time Traveler's Wife

I have to say, this is an interesting premise of a story...time travel has not been more romantic and melancholic like this, I think.

The Time Traveler's Wife is based on a book by the same name, written by Audrey Niffenegger and it talks about the life and hardships of Claire (played by the beautiful Rachel McAdams) and Henry (Eric Bana) as they try to make their relationship and marriage work. Nothing very special right? Except that Henry has a genetic anomaly called 'Chrono-Impairment' which makes him travel through time whenever he faces stress or a strong emotion. He never gets to control where or when he goes, often going through the past and present at different intervals (even as an older or younger person).

The movie goes back and forth like Henry as well, so we see Claire who first meets Henry when she was only 6, and waiting for him all the time. She records down every time he comes back and cherishes every minute of her time with him. Lots of funny and awkward moments too as we see Henry disappear into thin air (literally) and ending up buck naked at some 'random' place / time (although it's not really random, because he almost always end up finding Claire). I don't think I want to give out too much, because there's a little twist to the ending, so go watch the movie to find out what happens :)

 I have yet to read the book, so I have no idea if the movie followed the book closely, but I did like watching the movie. It gets a little weird in the beginning, because it goes back and forth a lot...but as the story moves along, I find it better to not over-think things (like how it doesn't make sense that he can be in two places at one time, and it doesn't change the course of what happens!) and just immerse myself in the story of Claire and Henry, as it is actually a love story where they both try and make it work. Him, always coming back to meet her; and her, never wavering in resolve to love him whatever age he is when he comes to meet her.

Eric Bana does a good job of playing Henry...playing a role of so many different age groups, he still manages to pull off the younger and older versions of Henry (while still looking very handsome...*grins*). Rachel McAdams is stunning...I first saw her in the comedy 'Hot Chick' and it was a real surprise to see her playing this role. There is some strong chemistry between the two actors and it's really nice to see it on-screen...the movie is supposed to be romantic, right? *wink* I don't know, perhaps I'm getting too mushy at times, but I like these kinds of movies...a little sad, but very sweet and moving at the same time too.

Anyways, this movie is great for a sit in with your gal pals (I don't know if guys are into this kind of movie). The only thing is to just sit back and enjoy the whole concept of the movie...don't overthink things too much, and you'll be able to find yourself swept away with this pretty cool movie. Meanwhile, I'll see if I can grab a copy of the book to see if it's better than the movie (you know what people say about books being able to express things better than the movies...heh!)
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