The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The opening credits already got me thinking, ' cliched!' and hoping fervently that the rest of the movie would not turn out to be something like the newer Star Wars installments: full of corny and cringe-worthy dialogue. I did not get my wish (kind of)...

'New Moon' is based on the second book of the same name in the Twilight Saga series...basically, you get the "girl gets the (vampire) boy of her dreams for the first 10 minutes, girl gets a paper cut and subsequently attacked by a bunch a hungry vampires, boy feels absolutely guilty and leaves girl, girl gets so depressed she gets nightmares and becomes an adrenaline junkie to create hallucinations of boy, girl finds a best friend in a new (werewolf) boy, boy falls in love with girl, something drastic happens and boy (vampire) thinks girl is dead, boy goes to kill himself and girl goes to his rescue, boy realizes his folly and promises never to leave girl again' story. *takes deep breath*

Although I'm a big, BIG fan of the Twilight series, I have to admit 'New Moon' is not one of my favourites in the series...mainly because it's so morose and dry. All Bella ever does is mope about three quarters of the book. But still, I guess every love story has to have its lows right? And without this book, one would not get to know more about Jacob, who is one of the central focus in the book.

What about the movie? I'm quite happy that the director and screenwriters stick quite close to the books...even adapting some of the minor (but very nice) details in the book, which I liked. However, there were also some liberties (I feel) that they took to try and make things more 'interesting' or dramatic, but that kind of takes things into the 'corny, cringe-worthy' the image of Bella and Edward running about in the woods, dressed in the fashion of supposedly posh English fashion. In SLOW MOTION??!! *shakes head*

Still, effects-wise, it's definitely a step up from the first movie...I'm guessing because they got a bigger budget, and it's great to see it put to (quite) good use. My favourite would be when the boys of the Quileute tribe transform...quite effortless and 'realistic'.

The cast did quite a good job too...Taylor Lautner definitely stood out as Jacob Black, giving Robert Pattinson (playing Edward Cullen) a run for his money. All his hard work buffing himself up for the movie definitely paid off, especially when he takes off his shirt to wipe off some blood on Bella! (another corny moment, but most of the audience went 'OOOOHHH!' when he did it, so...meh.) And it stays off too for most of the movie! *wink* Let's also not mention the eye candy that the other Quileute boys offered with their (also) buff and six-packed half naked bodies...heh!  

Robert Pattinson is still a pretty boy, but I kind of get the feeling that the make up artists loved white too much that they piled on an inch thick of it on Edward...I mean, is it even possible that Edward is EVEN paler compared to Twilight?? Less is DEFINITELY more, people! The effects of Bella 'seeing' Edward as she goes through an adrenaline rush is quite nice, but weird at the same time too...I think the subtler way in the book of Bella only hearing him seems to have a better impact, but I guess since most people came to watch Robert anyways, it wouldn't do to have him only to appear in the first and last 10 minutes of the show...*rolls eyes*

Kristen Stewart did a great job in the role of Bella, although I wish she would drop the 'words are so hard to come out of my mouth it hurts' characteristic that she brings to Bella. I don't know...I never really imagined Bella to be THAT awkward, or to even stutter half the time. She's clumsy, sure, but it doesn't mean she have to almost force herself to talk right? If Kristen loses that little bit of annoying (sometimes to the point of irritation) act for Bella, she would be just perfect.

The casting for the Volturi was very cool...Michael Sheen did a great job as Aro, and the characters of Felix and Demetri were quite good, but my favourite Volturi character had to be Dakota Fanning as Jane. She was spot on, playing the most powerful 'soldier' in the Volturi...and I think she should stick with the red contacts. She looked very cool in them! hehe! It'll be great to see her in the coming movies...*grins*

All in all, it was quite a satisfactory movie...definitely a notch up from Twilight, and a must watch for Twi-hards! Even if you're not, watch it for the nice effects and the eye candy of the cast (especially the Quileute boys...and Jacob Black! *wink*). But also be prepared to be smothered with some really corny dialogue and 'sweet-until-you-get-sick' moments peppered throughout the movie! 
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