2012 (The Movie)

Oops, forgot to write this ages ago...*sheepish grin*

(Warning: Spoilers for movie ahead!)

I got to watch this movie last Friday, and I'm a little torn..LOL! 

For those not in the know (for which I have to say, WHAT??!! It's one of the most anticipated movies this year!), 2012 is about the fulfillment of the 'prophecy' by various parties (Mayan, I-Ching, Nostradamus) that the world would come to an end by December 20, 2012 (20/12/2012...get it?). That's not all though...this movie also shows a John Cusack as Jackson Curtis, a down-and-out writer who is having a hard time connecting with his wife and kids...during the world's end, we see him and his family go through disaster after disaster, trying to stay alive. AND, to top it all off, the Government is in it (when is the Government never 'in it', eh?) and there's a 'big thing' brewing behind all of this by which humanity tries to survive this.

The CG and disaster effects were just SUPER cool (I mean, come on...how many movies can you see destruction at this level? From the White House, Tibet, and even the Vatican Church!). The director and the effects team sure did a bang-up job in imagining out what would actually happen if our Earth were to 'self-destruct'! Cool scenes include the mega tsunamis and the moving of the Earth's tectonic plates (giant earthquakes, big craters in every part of the world...you get the picture!). Definitely need to watch it in the cinema to appreciate the vastness and catastrophic proportions!

Not too sure about their scientific terms though...although I have a science background, but I never did study Physics or Geology. The actors seem to be quite convincing, but apparently some others didn't buy it...*shrugs* Still, we all came to watch a movie, and not to critic it's accurate-ness right? heh! 

Storyline-wise, it's quite a typical 'estranged family that doesn't get along eventually comes back together stronger than ever in the face of adversity' story. I get that a Hollywood movie HAS to have some sort of plot to move it along, but some of the 'coincidences' or 'luck is in favour of Jackson' scenes are so comical, it's sad...I mean, how in the world did the guy manage to crawl out of an SUV falling into a giant crater of boiling lava? And to drive through massive earthquakes USING A LIMOSINE (with flying stunts and all) is quite...weird, to say the least. And let's not mention all the other situations where everyone escaped by the skin of their teeth every. Single. Time. (flying between falling two buildings, anyone?) But then, without them surviving till the end, there wouldn't be a story now, would it?

Still, I think it's really cool that we get to see first-hand (sort of...we never really know if this will happen EXACTLY like this until the day comes, right? *wink*) how the Earth comes to an end without getting killed ourselves. heh! So, if you're looking for a movie with lots of destruction and mayhem, 2012 is the movie for you! Just sit back, relax and gape at the awesome-ness of how it can all fall apart in just a short time =)

P/S: As a little side-note, you might want to make sure you empty your bladder before going into the cinema. It's a pretty darn long movie, and I mean REALLY long! (think Lord Of The Rings movie + 20 minutes!) By the time it's over, I felt like I'm about to 'burst'...haha!

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  1. Patrick Says:

    Didnt quite like the movie :[
    Good effects and all but story the same...
    But then please note that i thought Simpsons was the best movie ever :P