Same Shoes, Second Verse

"Romantic & earthy" - described from a fan of Joshua Payne on his apt! I have been a big fan of him and his music since his first album 'Your Love, My Home'...beautiful beautiful music with lovely word imagery, soaring voice and the emotions from it.

It's funny how I 'stumbled' upon that album...I was looking through some albums in a music store, and noticed his album which was just behind Josh Groban's. Don't know why, but something compelled me to take another look and to get it (maybe it's his handsome face..LOL!). I didn't at first, but after going to his website and listening to the samples of his music there, I instantly went and got it at that same music store (there were no other places that carry his CD...I think I'm only a few of the people who were lucky enough to grab a copy in Malaysia!) Since then, I was hooked...=)

This album is his second one, released back in 2007, but I'm embarrassed to say I've only managed to buy this album (online) recently...lack of credit card if you know what I mean. LOL! I have listened to some of the songs on his Myspace page though, and felt that they were very cool.

This album is a bit different from the first album, in my opinion. Yes, the lyrics are still very moving and music still beautiful, but this effort felt a little more intimate than the first album. For one, his first album sounded more 'polished' while this album sounded more 'raw' and stripped in a times, it felt like I was sitting at a home concert, where he's just sitting at my living room and singing with just an acoustic guitar and his voice. (That would be unforgettable if it ever happened! *grins*) 

The songs in the album (I felt) talked a lot about heartbreak, coping with that loss and moving on with some of his lyrics say, "To lose is love, and to love is life..." Some of my favorites were Merriam-Webster, where he searches for a word to cope with loss; Lucinda, mourning the loss of the girl; Nothing Left To Say, where the title aptly describes the emotions of the song.

No, I'm not depressive...I just enjoy the songs, even though they might be about losing love and all. Not that I've experienced love like that, but songs like these always tug at my takes a lot to write about these kind of feelings, and it really shows in the songs :) There's also something about his voice...very hard to pin point. He is classically trained, but take that voice and pair it with his uncanny ability to write beautiful songs, it's magical! Listen to the album and you'll get what I mean *wink* Meanwhile, I'll be with my iPod, listening to it again. :)
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