P. Ramlee the Musical Live Cast Recording

Here's another CD that I got along with my PGLM CD. I have not been to watch the musical myself, but listening to the CD makes me wish I did go. *sigh* One wonders how one can manage to miss all these wonderful things...

This recording comprised of 2 CDs, with so many songs that I feel are ALL the songs sung in the musical. Too bad some had such a short duration (like Getaran Jiwa). Infused together into the songs were snippets of dialogue...which I think is cool for a person like me who didn't watch the musical. At least I get a little gist of what the story was about.

Loved the singers' voices in it...who knew Malaysia has so many hidden gems? The actor who played P. Ramlee sounded quite like the real thing, it's kind of freaky! The actors who played his wives were also very cool...you could hear demure, some angry and depressed, and contentment in the voices.

Awesome job done by the production team who came up with great quality musicals! Now, if only their tickets weren't that expensive to go to, I might just go and watch local productions more often...heh!
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