Brother Yat Restaurant - Sauna Prawns!

This one was a little while back...I had previously been here with a few friends for dinner, and it was so good I raved about it to my parents until they wanted to try it too! Heh! 

Tucked in a (somewhat) secluded lane in USJ at an industrial area, Brother Yat Restaurant is a bit tricky to locate, but for those who do know how to get there, you'll find that the place is always jam packed especially at dinner time! I didn't manage to get the address, but it is somewhere near The Summit and Giant in USJ....They're famous for their 'Sauna Prawns', and here is why:

Live prawns were put in a pot filled with hot stones, and a small glass of beer was poured in as well. The assistant here demonstrates...

After the beer was put in...steam facial, anyone??

Voila!! The end result! The prawns were still alive and kicking when put into the pot so you can guarantee that it's fresh, and when the beer was poured in, it evaporates quickly and seeps into the prawns (especially the heads), so you get the sweet taste of the prawns and just a little hint of beer...yumm! Yeah, I kind of get that it sounds like animal cruelty, but that's how they were cooked here, so...>.<"

We also had this pork dish which was scrumptious! I don't recall the name of this dish, but it's thinly sliced pork belly meat that's deep fried and then stirred with a delectable gravy that will make you go for seconds every time! So you get this crunchy, 'NOM NOM' feeling with every bite...MMMM!!

Vegetables are a must, especially for my Mom...*grins* This is kangkung stir fried with belacan, the Malaysian favourite! The amount of belacan included is just nice; not too salty or overwhelming like others...whets the appetite VERY well!

And this is a simple stir fried dish with the smoky taste to it that one can only get with BIG FIRE at the kitchen! *grins*

This is the XO Sauce tauhu that was ordered as well...don't be fooled by the word "XO" though! It's not made from the XO wine. Rather, it is finely minced dried shrimp, shallots, garlic and a bit of chilly. Not spicy at all, but you get that nice taste...something SIMILAR to belacan I guess, but it's more of a "Chinese" belacan, if you know what I mean...heh! Very nice topping for the golden brown tauhu that's a little crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside. *licks lips*

Out of a whim, my sister wanted to order a chicken we got this Smoked Chicken dish. It certainly lived up to its name! Marinated with Chinese herbs, the chicken is first smoked and then steamed (I think), so you get this nice herbal taste in the chicken as well as the broth that came with it! The smoky taste complements the herbs very well too!

In retrospect, it was quite a good dining only qualm with it was the location, as we got lost quite a bit along the way. LOL! Pricing was not bad too...we spent about RM100+ for all those dishes with rice and a big pot of tea for 6-7 people. Not bad eh? *grins*
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