Nyonya Imperial

Okay, I have actually tonnes of things to write about, and yet I haven't even started cracking on them yet. Darn procrastinating me! >.<" So, here's a start:

Went to Nyonya Imperial with the family for lunch a while back. We jumped at the chance seeing that it's newly opened and has a very striking signboard as well as decor. If you want to know where it is, it's at Bandar Puteri Puchong opposite the 'Care Kool' car tinting shop. I can't exactly remember the other shops nearby (the only reason I remembered the tinting shop was because the day before, I went with Mom and sis to inquire about car tinting prices. LOL!) So, drive around the block...it's fairly easy to find what with it occupying 3 storeys. *wink*

First impression of the interior decoration: Very nice...quite cosy, with a little feel of home. Because of the amount of people in the ground floor, we opted for the more airy feel of the second floor. A little hot compared to ground floor (the latter was air-conditioned, and I think the second floor was a smoking area. Eep!), but still nice when there's a breeze =) Onto the food:

 My order of barley lime juice...it came with some colorful bits of jelly inside. Cute touch, but not as tasty as I'd hoped. A bit too bland...I think I preferred Bumbu Bali's version of it. heh! The other drinks that we ordered were the ordinary fare of tea and such...not so 'fancy' like mine =P

Appetizer of Mango Kerabu...it's basically Mango salad with a nice dressing that's sweet and sour. Very appetizing, although if it were a little cooler than room temperature I think it would hit the spot just nice!

Our other appetizer: Seafood tofu. Deep fried to a golden brown, it's crunchy on the outside, yet soft and savoury on the inside...yumm! Dip it with the chilli sauce provided, it's scrumptious!

I ordered their Curry noodles...very nice presentation, and quite value for money (RM6.90 for a bowl with prawns, tofu, cockles, etc!). It looks a little watery compared to most curries, but it makes up for it with its full taste =) Thumbs up for it!

Rachel's (my niece) order of Fried Kuey Teow. I tried a bit of it...heh! Not bad, though I've tasted better as well. I prefer it to be a little drier and more flavourful. *wink*

 Mom and sis' order: Fried Glass Noodles...=) No, it's not made out of glass, but it is clear and transparent like glass when cooked. Get it? LOL! I had a taste of it too, and it was great. Savoury and packed with flavor from its seasonings...too bad it was served almost cold. If it was piping hot, it would have been splendid!

 Dad's order of Kapitan chicken curry, served with white rice here. The curry was thick and yummy, and not too spicy...strong taste and smell of its spices, which I like very much. Quite similar to Indian curry, but with less pungent taste. Just nice for my kind of taste buds...heh!

All in all, quite a satisfactory experience! Would definitely come back to try the other dishes in the menu..although I think I would prefer to sit in the air-conditioned room the next time. LOL!
4 Responses
  1. Patrick Says:

    YOU FORGOT!.........................
    to invite meh!!!
    Looks so good!!!

  2. t3ngt3ng Says:

    Wow u take good photos! macam using DSLR leh. very pro *thumbs up* how's the price of the food? wanna go and try also some day ;)

  3. Audrey Says:

    Haha...thanks Vivian! :P I try to copy copy after looking at nice food photos in magazines and newspapers..=P

    The prices are okay. Noodles are on average around RM6.90 - RM7.90 per bowl...if you have family going to eat, maybe rice with dishes are better, but the portions of the dishes can be a bit small compared to other restaurants. The Kapitan curry was RM12.90, but I think the most can eat 2-3 people portion?

  4. Audrey Says:

    Patrick, whenever you are free, let me know la...we gather the rest of the gang go makan =P That day I went with my family ma...cannot call. LOL!