Seremban 'Roasted' Crab

The sister had often talked about the delicious crab dish that she had tried with her bf the last time she was there, and I was also curious myself. For someone whose hometown is in Seremban, I have yet to try the famous Seremban Roasted Crab as touted by my friends who've tried, and even from TV food reviews. So, after much postponing, the family decided that we should go together with Grandpa =)

The place where we had our dinner...apparently there are quite a number of restaurants which serve this dish, but this one is quite famous. It shows too; as time passes, more and more patrons turn up...eventually making it a full house!

The dip that's brought forward first, along with some deep fried wanton skins. The dip is SOOOO yummy! It was supposed to be for the crabs, but I took the wanton skins and dipped it into the dip. Heh! Very creamy and nice, with just a hint of spiciness and fragrant too! Yum!

Their signature taufu dish, served with minced pork and gravy. I'm normally not a big fan of taufu, but I have to say this rocks! The taufu is handmade, and it just MELTS in your mouth when you taste it. Yes, it's THAT soft! Added with the minced pork and gravy, it's superb! We almost ordered another round of this...haha! We had two other veggie dishes too, but they were nothing to shout about, so no photos...heh!

Butter prawns! The prawns were supplied by my uncle, who runs an aquaculture farm in, it's guaranteed FRESH! Cooked this way, it's finger licking good =) It's one of my favourite kinds of dishes, but I was told it's a bit difficult to make. You have to cook the butter a certain way with the egg mixture to make it all crumbly like that, so all the more reason to eat more!! 

And then, there's the roasted crab! Okay, this wasn't 'roasted' per se as I thought it would. When we say 'roasted', what comes to mind is a barbecue grill where they actually roast it over charcoal or something (a la roast chicken style). But, it turns out that, these crabs are cooked in the wok. What they DID do is that there was no oil added into the wok before the crabs were cooked, so you get a nice smokey smell from the cooking. Added with the aforementioned dip...SCRUMPTIOUS!

We also had steamed fish. Notice the color of the fish? It's actually green tilapia. I know! Kind of weird right? It's another kind of fish that my uncle is working on...apparently, this species is a genetically engineered fish or something. The meat is super tender, and there's no earthy taste like we usually get with it's GREAT! The only thing is the sauce didn't quite taste like we expected it to. Most of the steamed fish in the restaurants that we tried with this kind of sauce always tastes good, but this one lacks a little...something. Can't tell what it was, but it wasn't as nice =( Thumbs down for the sauce, but two thumbs up for the fish texture!

The aftermath of it all...I cleaned my plate very well. Hehe!

In retrospect, it was quite a good experience. Even though the roasted crab wasn't cooked the way I thought it was, but it's still AWESOME! My aunt mentioned another place that was even nicer than this restaurant though, so it piqued my interest a lot...haha! Price-wise, it wasn't cheap. A kg of roasted crab costs RM48. That plate of crabs we had was 2kg, so you can guess roughly how much we spent for our family dinner of about 9-10 people. =(
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  1. Patrick Says:

    *drools* Wow i dunno how much more of your blog i can follow...the hunger!

  2. Ditto on the drools from here!

    Thanks for sharing!