My Food Journey In Penang!

I've got to say, even though my so-called interview didn't go well in Penang, I still managed to enjoy myself because of the food! I've definitely heard rave reviews about Penang food, but having tasted just a fraction of the great food there, I'm hooked! Am definitely planning another (longer) trip to Penang and sampling more yummy food soon! Special thanks to Yen for bringing me around the island...she knows the best hawker foods in Penang, I tells ya! Don't believe me? Prepare to be salivating at the end of it all! *wink*

DAY 1:

Arrived in Penang at around 9.30pm after a nice bus ride...we were picked up by Keong, a good friend of Yen's and subsequently headed out for supper at her Mom's place! FYI, Yen's Mom runs a food stall that sells the yummiest Loh Mee that I've tasted so far! Her stall is at Lorong Pulau Tikus for all the Penangites out there! Thick, savoury gravy topped off with sides like egg, pork and the likes; and add a dash of chilli's almost like heaven!! (I bought a few packs back to KL for my parents to try, and they said the same thing!)

The oh-so-yummy spread that is 'Lobak'! We had some of the staples, but my favourites were the home made ones...also made by Yen's family! Yum yum...

Wash that off with a cool glass of iced tea...*grins*

DAY 2:

Breakfast started late, because we woke up late...LOL! >.<" But nonetheless, I had a good one! Started off with a type of banana pancake...look at the yummy banana pieces and raisins! Cooked to a soft and fluffy texture, it was also fragrant with a buttery taste...yumm!!

 This was what it looks like after we packed it...

I also had a small itsy-bitsy bowl of prawn mee (although it's called "Hokkien Mee" in Penang) made by Yen's Mom again...super delicious with the soup made from fresh prawns! 

Yen had this bowl of Penang laksa, which I managed to sneak a few bites of tastes a bit different from the laksa that I'm used to in KL, but still VERY delicious all the same! The curry is just nice with the amount of spices and santan, and topped with prawns, cockles, and pork bits, it's AWESOME!! We also had the Penang version of the 'Chee Cheong Fun'. Instead of the normal sweet-ish gravy that we get in KL, I was treated to a savoury one that had the prawn paste (pronounced as "Ha Kou" in Cantonese) included, and it was scrumptious as well! Sorry, forgot to take the photos of it, but it looks just like the ones we get in KL...only the taste gave it away! *wink* 

As you can imagine, we were stuffed full by the time we were done, so lunch was skipped...hehe! After which I had my dratted interview (which I will not mention anymore here), and then Yen took me out to Gurney Drive, where we had:

The famous Penang Char Koey Teow! We had this at the stall named "Cantonment Road Famous Char Koey Teow". Yen had this special one with added succulent prawns...look at the size of them!

My version...I opted for the normal one, with veggies and stuff. The noodles were fried very well, and the taste is just nice with a good amount of spiciness and err...'tastiness'! LOL! 

We had this Mochi as well...usually in KL, the mochi is served kind of cold and the peanuts are not crushed so finely like this. This Penang version is served piping hot, and it's texture is soft and springy. The added crushed peanuts and sugar makes this an awesome snack or dessert!

Then I tried this seafood delicacy that got me wondering as we walked past the stalls. It's called 'Siput Duri' in Malay, and although they look intimidating with the thorns and all, they're seriously yummy! The cooking process is too simple: boil the shells in water, and you're done! But the secret (in my opinion) is the chilli sauce (the small plate next to the shells)! The meat itself is quite bland, but coupled with the tangy (with just a hint of spiciness) sauce, it's delicious! The tricky thing to eating this dish though is getting the meat out from the shell....LOL! Many a times I poked until I can't get the meat out and it got stuck at the back of the spirally shell >.<"

Night 2 was quite uneventful, but I did meet up with another good friend of Yen who was going down to KL and offered us a ride! How nice! After chit chatting about our favourite topic (Dogs, what else? *wink*) we headed to a nearby stall for yummy dessert soup. Look at the colors and delicious ingredients inside! Enough said...*grins*

DAY 3:

It's my last day in Penang and I'm heading back to KL in the afternoon! But that didn't stop us from having another good breakfast! Hehe! I can't exactly remember where this was in Penang, but this stall is super busy with orders coming in non-stop for their famous Wantan Mee. Naturally, we ordered some too...*grins*

THIS is what makes the noodles different from the other stalls in Penang, and even in KL! (Sorry, no actual photos of the noodles...we were too busy rushing up and down that I didn't manage to snap them!) The noodles are mixed with the usual black sauce and seasonings, but the extra OOMPH comes from a generous helping of yummy gravy not unlike the 'Cantonese Fried Noodles' that we get. The added sides of mushrooms, chicken pieces and vegetables make this dish a killer combo!! 

As we were driving along Lorong Bangkok, Yen said I was in luck!! Because this stall selling the most AMAZING satay is open still...*grins* Yen said we won't find this kind of satay anywhere in Malaysia anymore. It's really one of a kind, and the owner has limited stock available everyday, so it's truly a great treat! 

The satay cooking amidst all the smokey charcoal...the uncle selling this is super meticulous, making sure that all the sticks are cooked properly and ensuring that the meat is still tender even after grilling! Now that's great skill! And looking at the satay like that, you'd think it's the normal chicken / beef fare that we get right? WRONG!! It's PORK satay!! 

We also ordered this yummy toasted bread with the satay! Imagine big pieces of traditional Kopitiam bread toasted on charcoal, and then spread with the yummy goodness of coconut milk and Kunyit!

Some of the finished satay sticks...we ordered 30, but we managed to finish 20 amongst the both of us(!!!) so we went back to try and order some more. But then the uncle told us it's all sold out because some one called and ordered about 100+ sticks at one go!! That's how good his satays are...

I also ordered some of these Apom...notice the sign that says 'Eggs'? I was quite intrigued, coz we don't get these kind of Apoms in KL...this stall was also very famous. People were queueing up to get some of the yummy pancakes!

What it looks like when cooking...mmmm!

And that was all from my gastronomical journey in Penang! All in all, it was such a wonderful experience I can't wait to go back and sample some more great food! I've been hearing talks about Nasi Kandar, Cendol, ABC and countless other hawker fare that you can only find in Penang...*licks lips*
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  1. Omg!!! The food is already crying out to me!!!! Argh.... They look so nice")").... 3 days not enough meh??? Haha still want longer") hehe...

    ~Kelvin Mun~

  2. Audrey Says:

    No lo, not enough leh! I haven't tried their Nasi Kandar, the other apoms around, the cendol, etc etc...heh! According to my friend, she said if I stay 1 week also not long enough to eat all the nice food there...haha!

  3. Patrick Says:

    Dont post such awesome food!!! *drool*
    See what you have done!!! *drool* *drool*
    *drool* *drool*

  4. Audrey Says:

    Patrick: I though it would be standard fare for you since you're a Penangite also *wink* Never mind la. You can go back hometown anytime to favour those yummy food.…hehe!