Familiar Faces - Nyonya Food

Mom had cravings for more Nyonya food...so we went to this restaurant called 'Familiar Faces' near our house, where they serve Nyonya fare as well. We had actually passed by the restaurant quite a few times, but never did remember to stop by there for a meal. So, we went there...twice. LOL! Here's what we ordered both times:

 Marmite chicken...combine deep fried chicken chunks with a thick, yummy sauce of Marmite and sprinkled with sesame seeds, and what do you get? Yumminess! *grins* It's not too sweet or saltish and the taste of Marmite is not overbearing. 

Simple stir fried vegetables..don't know what's the English name for this, but it's 'Wong Tai Miu' in Cantonese. Not bad, but a little bland for my taste.

This is claypot fish maw with assorted vegetables and mushrooms. Served piping hot, the dish is finger licking good...we ordered it both times around, and were not disappointed the second time. =)

Yummy Assam Fish! They offered many kinds of fish in the menu, but Assam Fish is their signature dish. Mom ordered the 'Chicken Fish', and it was really nice. Sweet, sour and tangy, it's just what whets the appetite when eating with a hearty bowl of rice. =) Strangely, the second time we ordered this, the version sort of 'changed'. LOL! The sauce was too thick the second time around, and I got a feeling that the assam juice used was too much..it left a bit of a bitter aftertaste. Sad. I loved the fish the first time they made it.

Rice did not come filled on individual plates. Instead, we were given a big container a la Malay/Nyonya style. Love the intricate details on it =)

The second time we went, we tried their signature Lemon Chicken. Chicken dhunks were again deep fried, but it was mixed with a yummy sweet lemon sauce. The citrus-y taste was just nice, and it wasn't too sweet until you get sick of it.The shreds of veggie on top are actually raw mango. Very complementing the taste =)

Our order of Nyonya Paku Pakis. Ferns stir fried with sambal, it's very good! A bit spicy but it's expected, because it's Nyonya food..heh!

This was claypot venison cooked with potatoes and onions. Nothing much to shout about..I thought it would be great, but it wasn't, sadly =(

Overall, it was quite a nice experience. Most of the dishes we ordered were quite tasty. Although there were a few misses, we still liked it a lot. Mom was already thinking of going back there again next time we dine out...and that says a lot as Mom is quite picky when it comes to food. Heh! Price-wise, it's not too bad either. On average, I think we spent about RM70-RM80 for our family of 5-6, with orders of 4-5 dishes. Not bad!
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