David Choi - A Definite Surprise!

"David who?" was the question that I asked when I was first told of David Choi. I am, 'shockingly', not an avid Youtube viewer so I was oblivious to all the famous Youtube personalities. Never heard of David until a friend mentioned him as a very good singer who did great covers, is involved in some videos of Wong Fu Productions AND he was coming to KL for a concert. And I thought, cool...but never really gave much thought about it after. 

Up until Wong Fu released one of their latest projects, that is this song:

And I was hooked! Really loved the concept of the video, and the music is oh so...cute, for lack of a better word! The lyrics really captured the essence of finding that someone and wanting to share everything with him/her. 

By that time, it was a little too late to catch his concert (silly old me...always missing out on good acts!) but I did manage to find a video on his time here at his website, and it looked like so fun! Wish I was there...=)

No point dwelling on the past I guess, so I went ahead and got both his albums (which you can also listen to on his website!) and I cannot stop listening ever since! 

David's first album is titled "Only You". Released back in 2008, it contains 14 of his original compositions. My first impression when I first listened to it was that his style is somewhat like Joshua Payne's second album (raw, very acoustic and intimate, probably cut in his own studio instead of a big studio) mixed with a little bit of Ryan Cabrera (love the guitar riffs and the tone of his songs).  

There is something about the lyrics of his songs...they are real, like it could also happen to you and me, and at some points, they really hit home with the feelings described as he sings about love, hurt, etc. Couple that with his uncanny ability to come up with some very catchy tunes and his smooth vocals, it is a joy to listen to!  Whether it be a fast-tempo, happy song or a melancholic song that reminisces about lost love, "Only You" is a great debut from this independent singer/songwriter.

Some of my favorites include "Always Hurt" (where he sings about not wanting to go through love again, because he always ended up getting hurt), "Won't Even Start" (his only single released from the album, which did quite well on iTunes and Youtube), "Heart" (about a man who appears to be cold, but actually yearns to be loved by the girl) and "Hold On" (an uplifting song that encourages us to hold on despite the hard times).

Reading about his biography on his website, it is intriguing to learn about how he started and the accolades that he won with his songwriting. Kudos to him for sticking it out as an independent artist and still bringing good music to the masses! 

His second album, "By My Side" is a step up from his debut album. While maintaining his style of (mostly) acoustic accompaniments, the album also feels a little bit more polished compared to the first album; not so raw and organic like his debut, but I still like the songs produced =) 

This time around, the instruments used in the songs really bring the feel of the song to life and take you back through memory lane. I really loved "By My Side", the titular single. While the video talks about making 'balloons' (sacrifices, promises) for that someone, the lyrics and music brings me back to happier times =) It's whimsical, cute, yet also quite meaningful when you listen to him sing about wanting someone by his side forever.

Other standouts from this album for me include "So Weightless" (LOVE the use of the xylophone-like instrument here! It really evokes the feeling of weightlessness and being amongst the clouds), "Deserve To Be" (quite a melancholic song about a guy telling the girl that she deserves much better than him) and "Amy Ave." (where he reminisces of the times he was back in his neighborhood as a child)

I couldn't stop listening to his albums when I was in Bali...the music is just perfect to listen to as you sit in the car driving by vast green fields, windows down, the wind is in your hair, breathing in fresh air and just...bask in the peacefulness, bliss and tranquility. I don't know...I guess with all the over-processed, too-much-bass-that-it-affects-your-heartbeat songs that we hear on the radio today it is a very welcome change to listen to songs that are just pleasing to the ears and go back to the basics. Sometimes the best things are the most simple ones, in my opinion...=)

So, if you're in the mood for something more simple, yet also having some substance in the music...give David Choi a listen. You won't be disappointed! I hear he's coming out with another album soon too, so I can't wait! *grins* 

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