Waterlily Cafe: Affordable Balinese Cuisine!

Found a back-dated draft of a post I was supposed to do ages ago. How time flies! This was supposed to be posted a year ago...LOL! Anyways, just for the heck of it (and I don't want to waste the photos =P) here's my take on the Waterlily Cafe.

Originally, the Waterlily Cafe had two branches: one in Puchong (opposite IOI Mall - which is the one I went to here), and the other in Mutiara Tropicana, Damansara. For some reason, the branch in Puchong closed down some time after I've tried the food there, so...I guess the only way to enjoy the food here is to head on down to the Damansara branch =)  

The decor in the restaurant...soft lights and a candle in the middle of the table. Romantic, no? *wink* It looked VERY similar to the decor in Bumbu Bali, another Balinese restaurant close by in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Later on, I found out that they (and Ole-Ole Bali, another Balinese restaurant that you can find in Sunway Pyramid / Mont Kiara) were actually owned by the same management....go figure!

Close up on a pretty painting featured on the walls there

I was there with a few of my colleagues there, so it was quite fun catching up and chit chatting while we waited for the food. Our drinks came first...I ordered the jackfruit ice blended, which came as a big surprise. Not only was it just nice on the sweet setting (jackfruit tends to be very sweet), it was creamy and very refreshing! The blend of jackfruit, milk and crushed ice was just perfect...and they topped it off with bits of jackfruit pieces in it too =) Thoroughly enjoyable! Even my colleagues who ordered the other kinds of ice-blended said theirs paled in comparison with this....heh!

Then our food arrived...I ordered the lamb chop here, and it was done very nicely. Tender and juicy, with a good Balinese marinade that you can taste all the way through the meat. If you like lemongrass and spices, this is the one to go to =) My meal was served with some potato wedges, coleslaw and a slice of watermelon for 'dessert'. Oh, the meal also came with a small bowl of brown gravy which you can dip the lamb into. I very much preferred to have the lamb on its own coz it had its distinctive taste there already, but I gave it a try anyways and it wasn't too bad either! All in, a very satisfying meal =)

As a comparison to its more expensive sister restaurants, The Waterlily Cafe is a slightly more affordable Balinese / Western fusion restaurant. The meal that I had above came up to about RM25++, which is a steal compared to Bumbu Bali & Ole-Ole Bali (I've tried those before too, and their meals came up to RM40++ easily per person). So if you're looking to have good affordable food in a cosy setting, head down to the Waterlily Cafe =) 

*Note: This was back in 2010, so I'm not sure if the prices have gone up since (I have yet to go there again). Do let me know if prices have risen =)
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