Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Ah yes, the most anticipated movie of 2011 is finally here...with (somewhat) new characters, a storyline that still doesn't make much sense and kick-ass CG effects! Personally, I'm not really a huge fan of the franchise, but I do watch the movies for the special effects....they are AMAZEBALLS! (as a friend would put it)

Everybody is just waiting to see if Michael Bay will screw up this last installment since "Transformers 2" kinda bombed (yes, even I thought that...the effects were still great but the other aspects just fell short =\ ). And if you've read the other reviews, you've probably known the answer to the question of whether did Bay redeem himself. When the audience cheers at the sight of a character thought dead, or claps at the end of the'll know it's a "HELL YEAH"!

The movie started rather strongly with a flashback to the 60's, when Man first walked on the moon. Some pretty clever camera work and video editing makes the footage rather believable as we look at Neil Armstrong's 'actual' top secret mission on the moon. See if you can spot which ones have been doctored *wink*

From then on, it was all systems go (no pun intended) as we get bombarded with action scenes left, right and center. One can really tell that no expenses were spared for these scenes...from the chase scenes to the blowing up and destruction of buildings, everything is executed rather flawlessly. This time around, the details on the robots are much more intricate...up until at certain parts I could tell that the robots are superimposed onto the scene. Don't get me wrong, I still think they look great, but there were certain parts not unlike Peter Jackson's "King Kong" where you can really tell what is CG and what isn't. Thank goodness it was only some parts (or maybe because I was scrutinizing it too much, trying to see if I can spot where the CG starts and ends. LOL!)

Sentinel Prime...the new baddie. Voiced by Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock in the old Star Trek films!!)

Storyline-wise, there is nothing much to say....the action scenes more than make up for the story, which drags a little (I almost fell asleep at parts, can you believe it??!) but suffice to say the Decepticons are out to make Earth their new planet, but instead of using their own resources, they deceived the Autobots (Decepticons' deception...wahahahaha! Sorry, I'm on a roll with puns here!) into getting their own way, and as such the Autobots are banished from Earth. With no big giant robots to help us, will we ever survive this?? Fear not as we have...

Shia Lebouf! *hears crickets chirping* Honestly, I don't see why his character has to be there. As if he's not useless enough, the writers try to fit him into every scene of the movie....which is super annoying! Then again, there are some other new characters which are kind of quirky and hilarious. They bring out the fun in the movie. For one, we have Patrick Dempsey (aka Dr. McDreamy in "Grey's Anatomy") playing a bad guy role(!!!) It's hard to look at his face and imagine him being capable of helping the Decepticons...not a good thing, but it's hilarious to watch nonetheless! Then we have John Turturro playing the ever-funny-but-lovable Agent Seymour Simmons...his wisecracks are legendary! 

Bumblebee! My niece's favourite the yellow Camaro he turns into!

Need I mention the stars of the show? The voices of the Autobots and Decepticons are spot on...I like how the characters (especially the new ones...look out for the Wreckers!) are suited to the voices. Even the characteristics are the Wrecker robot with a 'pot belly'! 

Carly of Sam Witwicky's life. *barfs*

Hmm....yes, the other 'pull' for people (or should I say guys) to throng to the cinemas. Rosie Huntington-Whitely (OMG...what a mouthful for a name!) is definitely a looker. Who wouldn't look when you've got someone like THAT walking around in skimpy outfits and caressing the contours of an expensive car? When she first appeared on screen, audible gasps abound in the cinema *rolls eyes* Oh well, what can I say? I'm jealous of the girl. LOL! Then again, which normal, SANE girl would run around the city (amidst rubble and debris no less!) in heels that are 6 inches high AND still be able to outrun those Decepticon robots? Let's not also forget how perfectly clean and coiffed said girl could be after everything is over...yup, definitely the girl of a man's dreams!

Aside from all the oohs and ahhs about how hot Carly is, the movie is pretty rocking! I didn't catch it in 3D but I'd definitely want to catch it again in 3D...those close ups and slow motion action scenes with bolts flying around definitely scream 3-effin'-D! I just need someone to go with...anyone? 
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