Horrible Bosses....When Do They Ever Stop, Right?

If you thought you have a terrible boss at work, this movie is definitely one to watch! It will either:

a) Make you feel grateful that your boss is not THAT bad (even though it could possibly be the worst for you)....OR

b) Provide you with some 'ingenious' ideas as to how to get back on your boss!

When I first laid eyes on the trailer a few months back, it was rather hilarious to see how these bosses treat their employees and I thought it would be a nice film to sit and chill as we empathize with the employees who got bullied by their superiors. Well, it certainly delivered the laughs, and a little more! *wink*

While the premise of the film is simple enough (3 different bosses who treats their employees as how the poster described the bosses...the psycho who works his employee to the bone and dangling a prospective promotion in front of him; the maneater boss who probably is the kind of person that sexual harassment laws are made; and the boss who is just a friggin' dumb-ass tool! Watch the movie and you'll get what it means), the little twist a midst all that fun makes this movie even more hilarious! If you've not heard about it on the radio by now, Nick, Dale and Kurt hate their bosses so much that what was intended to be just a 'hypothetical' thought of killing their bosses to make their lives easier became something that they thought they can do. LOLL! 

"The three musketeers" meeting with their so-called hitman. LOL!

To add to the quirkiness of the movie, the movie makers have brought in some rather big names to star in the film...let's see, there's Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston just to name a few! All these stars and their perfect comedic timing add even more spice and hilarity to the movie! Case in point, watch the scene where Jamie Foxx's character (Motherfucker Jones....can you believe it???!!!) explains how he got his name...if you didn't at least giggle, you have NO sense of humour at all. LOL!

The poster says it all...haha!

Other noteworthy mentions include Jason Bateman for his turn as Nick, whose boss is the epitome of emotional abuse at the workplace! Somehow I'm sure there are people who can identify with his situation...even if it's not as extreme as Nick's case. While not straying very far from his "Arrested Development" character, his casting as Nick is spot on.  The best lines from the movie though mostly comes from Charlie Day (who plays Dale), and he did not disappoint in his delivery as a dental assistant who gets harassed by his boss (a very sexy Jennifer Aniston!) daily....to most guys, I guess it wouldn't be called harassment at all, especially when your boss is as hot as Jennifer Aniston! But Dale does not like the attention and that's where it gets seriously funny. 

Dr. Julia trying to get some action from Dale....LOL!

Of course, it wouldn't be possible to talk about this movie without mentioning Jennifer Aniston, who was superb in this movie. Totally derailing from the sweet characters that she plays in her other movies, she is now a sex-crazed lady boss who will go through any lengths or depths (pardon the pun) to get what she wants from poor ol' Dale...and wow, she slips into that character flawlessly. LOL! 

All in all, a much recommended movie to watch and recount of how good (or bad) your bosses treat you =) However, do be aware that should you catch this in the cinema, you will encounter a lot of frustrated groans and sighs from everybody watching it as our beloved Censorship Board has been very snip-happy with the scenes. You know, what with the sexual innuendos, scenes and swear words that are so frequent throughout the movie (even though the movie is rated as 18! Pfft!). You have been warned!
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