If "Avatar" was THE must-watch movie of 2009, then my friend, "Inception" is THE must-watch movie of 2010 (so far)! And trust me, whatever you have heard from other reviewers, friends or family who have watched it,'s ALL true! The movie will (almost literally) blow your mind away! *grins*

If you have already watched the trailer, it would probably not make much sense to can the mind be the scene of a crime? And they talk about dreams and stealing and, and...well, if I talk about it, it's so much of a spoiler it might turn you off. I myself, however, read the plot of it all in the Wikipedia entry (I actually like spoilers...yes, you've read right! Not that I would intentionally spoil it for you, but I like to see how the movie unveils itself and see how it would wow me, even when I know how the movie ends and all that. It's the process of it, not the destination that matters *wink*) and it STILL didn't make much sense! The whole concept is rather convoluted when put into words, so you WILL have to watch it to really understand what's it about =)

What I CAN tell is that, aside from the brilliant story line, the cinematography and effects are equally (if not more) kick-ass than ever! Since the movie is talking about dreams and the mind, things can get rather abstract right? Sometimes to the point of being utter rubbish (or is it in MY mind only? o.O"). But the film makers portray the inner workings of the mind really, REALLY well...big big kudos to Christopher Nolan for the fantastic scenes and not making it something nonsensical! Not only that, the action in the film is so spot-on and tight, it's a joy to be immersed into it get some slow-mo parts a la "Matrix", some hard hitting scenes like in "Batman Begins" or "The Dark Knight" and then some! To add to the awesome-ness of it all, there is also drama, romance and quite a bit of humour injected's that for a must-watch movie?

Let's not forget the incredible cast as well...we have the big names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, and Marion Cotillard; Leo is rather at his peak I would say...he definitely came a long way from the infamous "Titanic" Jack Dawson, playing the cool and brilliant team leader. But let's not forget the other supporting casts also! They definitely held their own: Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and more. This stellar cast with their strong performances give this movie that edge in its greatness =)

And like everyone says, don't move out of your seat to get popcorn or to go for a toilet break...the story line is so intense that if you missed even a bit of it, you'll find yourself scrambling to understand the bigger picture *wink* It's a rather heavy film, if I may say so myself, but it still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat from the start with the action scenes...even to the very end, when the film cuts to black, you'll groan in either frustration or confusion (as in the audience I was in today); but right after that, you'll definitely go "WOW! That is one. Effin'. AWESOME movie." I think I want to watch it again now....*grins*
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