Toy Story 3 - Toys Have Never Looked Better!

Growing up, I still fondly remember reading Enid Blyton's books about toys; how they come alive when we're asleep and we would go on 'adventures' together in my wild imaginative world. Sadly, I grew up. But then, "Toy Story" came along, and I relived all my kiddie days of playing with my toys and imagining them to have all sorts of adventures not unlike Woody & Buzz when I was asleep! 

As we all know, "Toy Story 3" is the continuation of the adventures of the toys we came to know and love in the first two installments (minus a few minor characters). The difference is that, this time around Andy - the boy whom the toys all belong to - has all grown up and is heading off to college! What will be the fate of his beloved toys? I won't spoil it for you, but suffice to say (especially if you have seen the trailer) they found themselves in a day care center led by an enormously cute and gregarious Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear, and lots of hilarity, drama and amazement at the toys' adventures ensue! *wink*

Andy's all grown up...will he bring Woody or Buzz to college?

If you had noticed the toys have been seriously decreased in numbers, fret not..."Toy Story 3" introduces a whole new host of toys for you to gawk at. Some are plain freaky yet adorable (The Baby) and some are so life like it'll also freak you out (case in point: Barbie & Ken)! I remember my sister remarking that Barbie is the EXACT one that she had when she was younger...the detailing is just remarkable! They got everything down pat, even to her hair! Pixar SO deserve kudos on that! 

Effects and great animation aside (that alone should be awesome factors for you to catch the movie!), the storyline of "Toy Story 3" is also great. These days, it's hard to find movies that can score so well on all these levels, but "Toy Story 3" brought it home...It's amazing to see how they gelled all the scenes together, and the story of the toys finding their place in a world where toys get mistreated, abandoned, replaced, etc etc. And that's not all! Not only do you get slapstick humour that the kids will enjoy loads, but there's also jokes that the adults will appreciate (or at least, I did! LOL!). Laughs are abundant, especially in the scene where the toys try to escape, and Mr. Potato plays a huge role in bringing in the laughs! Watch it and you'll know what I'll never look at Mr. Potato the same way again! *wink*

Andy's toys come out to play...and THEN SOME!

The film makers have also succeeded in making the toys have their moments to shine...if previously we've seen lots of Woody & Buzz in the first two movies, "Toy Story 3" also focuses on the other toys which makes this movie very interesting as all the characters are just awesome! Not only that, we also get to see some touching scenes for some of the toys too =) And as the movie comes to a close, one (okay, me at least. I'm a sucker for touching scenes) can't just help but reach for a Kleenex as we know that this is the last installment for the "Toy Story" franchise. I got ribbed loads by my niece when she saw the state I was in after the movie ended, but hey...I love me some toys! *sob*

This one REALLY has got to be seen in the cinemas to get that feeling (unless you have a life-sized theatre at your home!), and if you could, watch it in 3D! Sure, lots of people might complain that it's nothing much to shout about in terms of things popping out at you, but I actually prefer the subtle dimension effects that they made for "Toy Story". Kind of like "Avatar", but with cute toys =) It's totally worth the ticket price...heck, I might just watch it again. And again. Just to relive my kiddie days as Buzz's famous saying, "To Infinity....AND BEYOND!"

P/S: Oh yes, don't forget to be there early to catch the short animation film that Pixar always's AWESOME to say the least! They always say the most even when the characters don't talk =) Enjoy!
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