Julie & Julia

I have recently come to appreciate Meryl Streep's acting more and more...she really does bring so much to each character that she portrays! Add that to a movie about food (French food nonetheless!!), some other cool actors too and you get "Julie & Julia"!

There really isn't much of a continuous plot if you asked me...the film is more on the lives of Julie Powell (Amy Adams) and Julia Child (Meryl Streep) and some similarities between these two personalities. Not that they are both alike in any way....Julie is a writer who is also a big fan of Julia Child. In an attempt to spice up her life, she decides to cook through Julia Child's French cookbook and blogging about it (isn't that a great idea?!). The film then sort of intertwines that with Julia Child's life (back in the 50's) when she was struggling to find things to do...and ended up cooking!

It is definitely a wordy film...there's lots of talking involved, but I guess with a movie that is made based on Julie Powell's blog (which is still there!!) and Julia Child's letters to a friend, it has to be talked out. But the talking is made bearable with commendable performances by Amy Adams (I think she was more known as the Princess in Disney's 'Enchanted') and Meryl Streep. The only thing I didn't get was that why Julia had this weird voice when she's talking...only later on did I find out that the real Julia Child actually sounded something like that! And it just goes to show how dedicated one can get with their work...=) 

Julia Child & her husband, Paul Child (played by the cool Stanley Tucci)

Stanley Tucci also pulled off a great performance in the film...if we remembered him all too eerily in "The Lovely Bones", here he is affable and rather suave as Julia Child's high-flying husband. These two definitely are great partners in acting! 

Even if you aren't too impressed with the talking and all, the visuals just might...the use of color is very cool, especially for Julia's scenes at her homes and Paris...what's not to like about Paris, right? In Julie's scenes, colors are not really striking but the food that she prepares will strike hunger pangs in you *wink* Too many a time I have been 'inspired' (if it can be applied to me!) to go grab a cookbook and start cooking my heart away! It did strike me at one time though that one doesn't really need that many tools to conjure up beautiful dishes as in Julie's case...or maybe it's just what films tell you. After all, the food wasn't actually made on the spot by the actors...they had renowned chefs doing it for them! So, that vision of me doing a Julie Powell goes down the drain pretty quickly. LOL!

Julie throwing a huge dinner party with a splendid looking main course!

Watch this for the gorgeous food shots and the splendid acting from Meryl Streep & Stanley Tucci. Even if you don't cook, you'll be salivating at the sight of them food...makes you want to go dine out at a fine dining restaurant pronto! *grins* Although cooking is not my forte, but this movie definitely sparked more interest in it...it does kind of makes me want to go get a cookbook and start working my way through it. The idea of cooking through a whole cookbook within a certain time frame is quite cool! What an idea for a project! Now, where should I start looking for a cookbook?
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