Stephen Rahman Hughes in Seduction Club

I know, I know...I update for a bit, and then silence for like a few months! Sorry about that...been quite busy with work and stuff, but I just HAD to post this up ASAP coz I'm still feeling 'giddy' after a great night out with my sister yesterday. We went to watch Stephen Rahman-Hughes perform at Seduction Club in KL! Found out about it on his official FB page and also in his radio interview a few days ago, so we went and got tickets to the show *grins*

We reached rather early (around 8.30pm...the show was scheduled to start at 9pm), and I thought we could get good seats seeing that it's a 'free seating' event. But when we got there, I see so many 'Reserved' signs around the best tables (near the stage) that I got slightly miffed. How is it that one can reserve seats at a free seating performance??! When I called to ask about the tickets, the guy on the phone said that I had to come and buy the tickets myself...let alone being able to reserve tables. Pfft...not cool!

Anyways, we got ourselves an unreserved table...still relatively near I guess, but we were facing the SIDE of the stage instead of the front. And here is where I got miffed this kind of setting, surely not many people (if any!) will be dancing on the 'dance floor'. Why not just move the tables there so we can get a better view of the performance? Seriously...bad bad management on the tables! The result of it was when Stephen performed, there was this HUGE empty space on the floor, and we were all just sitting on the sides watching and listening -___-" He did encourage people to go to the dance floor and boogey, but suffice to say no one took him up on the offer. LOL!

Okay, complaints aside....the show was great! Stephen arrived quite late (around 10pm!!), but he apologized and said that he just flew in from the UK...and I guess his plane got delayed of some sorts. Still, he jumped into his set of songs with great enthusiasm and panache...looking great also in a black jacket, pants and t-shirt. He started with some songs from the album, and then mixed some other popular songs in between. Some songs (that I could remember...I'll need to check my videos for the songs that I've managed to record) were like 'Who You Are' by Jessie J, 'Halo' by Beyonce, 'Set Fire To The Rain' by Adele, and even 'Somebody That I Used To Know' by Gotye!

Stephen performing....*grins*

There were also some older songs that he sung, which he also jokingly said were for people WAY older than him...and he's only 26 years old. LOL! Well, he certainly doesn't look 26, but he doesn't look his age either...I so wish I had his good genes. *wishful thinking* Swooning aside, I did notice that I rather enjoyed his performances with slower songs than the club-y, pop songs that he did. I don't know...I guess I am too used to listening to him belt out slow, big songs that show his range rather than the pop-py songs that don't really do his voice much justice. =/ Also, I find it hard to hear him while he's singing the fast songs...bad sound system maybe, or maybe he was feeling just a wee bit tired that he didn't really enunciate? Not too sure, but it was still good to be able to watch him perform...albeit in a very small, quite intimate (but smoky) club setting. He mentioned before in between songs that he used to do gigs in clubs and bars before his musical theatre career took off, and it was good for him to come back and do something like this again, so I guess it's a walk down memory lane for him =)

After a few more songs (notably, my two favorite songs, 'Bertemu Di Syurga' and 'Ku Lepas' BACK TO BACK! YAYY!), he ended his performance and then the DJ mentioned that we could go to the VIP area to a meet and greet session with him! Seeing that there were not many people around, my sister and I just kinda jumped and walked hastily there to queue up...LOL! I brought along a copy of my CD just in case if there was an autograph session, and I'm so glad I did! Anyways, there were a few more people in front of us, so we just waited patiently for our turn....

When it was our turn, it was quite a cool (and surreal) experience...for me at least. Stephen was smiling and shaking our hands, asking our names, thanking us for coming and generally being so sweet and nice! Okay, I guess all of the artistes I've ever got to meet are really's their job right? Still, it's great to be able to talk with him a little and not being pushed about like other meet and greet sessions. I asked him if he could sign my album leaflet for me, and he did! After which, I asked if I could take a photo with him, and he said 'Yes, snap away!' which was so cool =) I didn't of course, but I did ask if one of the photographers could help us take a photo with him with my camera, and he did. He took two photos, but because my camera's flash was off, and the lighting wasn't too good...they turned out so dark! He showed it to me, and I quickly set the flash on for him to take another photo. All the while, Stephen was really patient and never complained. 

Then we got another photo, and we all said our thank yous and got ready to leave for other fans to take photos with him. He said the nicest thing..."Hope to see you soon!" (Okay, in hindsight, I'd probably never be able to meet him again any time soon or whatever, but so far I've not had a famous person say that to it was kinda nice in a way *grins*) and I was like, "Yes, I hope so too!" I asked him when will he be back in Malaysia, and he said maybe later on in the year...he might be doing a slightly bigger concert. YAYY! I told him that was great, and will definitely look forward to it before we left =) 

The photo of us together...the nicest (and brightest!) one. Gosh, I look so weird next to him...but so great to be able to take a photo with him! [/teenybopper moment]

So yup...yesterday was one of my favorite nights! It's always a pleasure being able to meet someone famous and one you admire, and to have him being so nice is always a plus (even though I get it's part of his job...but hey, he's probably really nice in person too. I just could only meet him in this kind of setting so what the heck...I'll enjoy it while it lasts). Thanks for a great performance, was cool to see a different side of you as a singer /performer. I needed that break from reality too =) 

My signed album...he personalized it for me too! AWWW =D

I do plan to upload my videos of the show stay tuned for them! Hope I can get them uploaded fast =)
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