Bali Trip - Babi Guling, Tanah Lot & Local Delicacies

Day 3 continues! So, we were hungry after visiting the two temples. Peter mentioned Babi Guling (translated from Malay, it means 'rolled pork' or something to that extent, but in Bali, it means roasted suckling pig) for lunch. YAYY! I heard about Ibu Oka from bloggers and what not, but Peter said there's one place that's nearer to Ulun Danu Beratan which is equally (if not better) that Ibu of course we jumped at the chance! We ended up at: 

Andi Jaya! I tried to capture the whole banner, but EPIC FAIL...LOL!

Do not be fooled by its simple outlook. What entails next is sheer bliss! We were greeted with a counter that shows all the different dishes that make up Babi Guling. After taking our seats and placing our orders, we waited for the waiters to bring our food out =)

Voila! That little bowl of soup on the left looks unassuming, but it has the richest taste. Containing pork bits and fresh coriander leaves, it's AMAZEBALLS! The plate on the right is the famous Babi Guling! Basically, we have pieces of roasted pork (taken from various parts of course), served with some delicious sambals, sauces and a serving of piping hot rice. Yum! Just thinking about it makes me drool already...yes, it's THAT good! One JUST has to try it when in Bali =)

After lunch, we headed down to Tanah Lot (which was quite far away if I remember correctly). We reached Tanah Lot at about 3pm after having lunch at about 12-ish! This is another famous temple in Bali, which I believe EVERYONE would have been to coz it has the most amazing view =) Anyways, just as we were entering the temple, we spotted these kids doing a Barong dance and collecting alms for it. Super cute!

At the entrance of Tanah the intricate decor on the gate. And the statues along the pathways inside are also decorated with the Galungan dan Kuningan colors. =)

And the famous view! We didn't actually go down to that area coz it was super packed with tourists and pilgrims heading to do their prayers in the temple. Peter told us that people can only access the temple by foot during low tide. So, you can imagine what it looks like in high tide =)

This spot here is also very famous for photo, who could resist right? 

One final shot of the view...I heart the waves sweeping in on the rocks below. The sound of waves and the breeze blowing lightly are always calming for me =) Peter mentioned that the sunset view here is also amazing, so we decided (well, more like I demanded! LOL!) to stay till sunset! There was a bazaar place inside the grounds itself, so we took our time to look at some souvenirs, knick knacks and what not to buy. We got quite a few things at a bargain too, all thanks to Mom's aggressive bargaining skills! LOL! 

This was the view from where we watched the sun pretty is that??! 

I call this "The Light Of God Shining Through" =) So SO very pretty! And the next few shots are the sun setting....I actually have a ton more, but I took the few nicest ones =)


All these happened in the span of 10-15 minutes! But it's so worth it...definitely MUST come here too if only to be mesmerized by the splendor of our Maker's creation. 

For dinner, we told Peter that we would like to sample local food...literally! Not the tourist-y places that he always bring people to, but somewhere where the local people usually eat =) He mentioned that there is a night market near our hotel, so off we headed! Their night market is a bit like the pasar malam in Malaysia, only they have more food stalls than other kinds of stalls. We went buying all sorts of food...and they were SUPER cheap! We bought stuff like fried glass noodles (nothing special to shout about...only, the lady who sold it to us asked us if we would like rice with it! LOL!), satay, (which were really good! The sauce goes VERY well with the marinated meat!)

Assorted fried snacks (these were things like tempe, bananas, and other local kuihs that we couldn't recognize. But quite tasty nonetheless!)

And the famous BAKSO! We bought these from two different stalls. One was chicken and one was beef...can't really remember which was which, but both were DEFINITELY great! Looks very simple as you can see, but the taste is also very rich with the sauce that they incorporated into the soup! The meatballs included were lovely too...lots of bite and flavor! It has become my favorite dish from Bali...heh!

For dessert, we bought an apam kuih...unlike the ones we have in Malaysia (with peanuts or corn), this had chocolate paste in it. Which I think was kinda nice, as it does go well with the bits of peanut in it =)

Another local drink that we found delicious...Teh Botol! It has a taste very similar to jasmine served ice cold! Yum!

And that's about it for Day 3! We called it a night at about 9pm...LOL! But most places are already closed at the time (unless you're in the city area like Kuta), so we just lazed around in our room, watched some DVDs and rested for Day 4. Stay tuned!
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